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Second release of our Lucene based search plugin for eZ publish July 12, 2006

Posted by Paul Borgermans in eZ publish, Lucene.

.. or an open source ECMS meets an open source enterprise level search engine ;-).

If you are using eZ publish and are in control of the servers it runs on, please test our contribution (beta) by downloading:


Though you need to install the php-java bridge as an additional php extension, it is worth the trouble if you need a good search engine. We use it already on production sites. One experimental feature added is a “more like this” module/view. You can use it in node/view templates as

<a href={concat(“/lucene/similar/”,$node.node_id)|ezurl}>Show similar objects</a>

For comments, requests or bug reports, use the comments feature here or on ez.no

In the future, we plan to add quite some more exciting features like image search by example
Happy searching!




1. Mark - December 1, 2006

Paul – would you consider consulting on the installation of the PHP-Java bridge? I need to get your lucene extension installed for a client, but I don’t have any Java experience and have run into a roadblock. Let me know if you are available/interested.


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