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Happy birthday! June 3, 2008

Posted by Paul Borgermans in eZ publish.

Since a bit more than one year, eZ Labs Belgium was born as a result of a long-time symbiosis between a few community members of eZ Publish and eZ Systems.

While we are still with just two people in the office (when not traveling that is), it has been quite an adventure already …

So time to have a drink at one of the many bars and pubs near our basecamp in the historical city of Leuven! If you are in the neighborhood, just tell us and we’ll show you why the next eZ Conference should be held here




1. gaetano - June 3, 2008

I completely agree about the conference in Leuven.

On second thoughts, there are some not-so-bad pubs in Brussels too. I miss Duvel…

2. Felix Laate - June 4, 2008


Have a nice celebration. Just make sure it doesn’t delay 4.1 🙂

About having the next conference there, I’m all for it. Actually easier to get there from Stavanger (NOR) than Skien is. And the beer is (much) cheaper.


3. bjoern d. - June 4, 2008



It would so cool if we could vote where the next conference is at.

4. Paul Borgermans - June 4, 2008

@Gaetano: don’t worry, Duvel and all other beers are available in Leuven as well … and it is very close to Brussels (20 mins).

@Felix: 1) Norway needs a high speed train network, it is a long voyage to Skien from everywherel 2) 4.1 is pretty close now 🙂 3) Yes, the beer is cheaper, but you have to get used to the choice of it 😉

@Björn: good idea, the winner is …

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